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Bio Oil – Thoughts & First Impression

I have been using Bio Oil since September 2016 and have gone through 3/4th of the bottle yet I am not sure if I should review it already, so I am calling this post a “Thoughts & First Impression”. Also I see a lot of folks going through many bottles and claiming miraculous results so I have decided to wait for the miracle. (That is not sarcasm- I just felt the need to clarify!)



Cost: 450 INR for 60ml 

Buy Online:

Product Claims: 

  • The Bio-Oil formulation is a combination of plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base
  • It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non-greasy, ensuring that the goodness contained in the vitamins and plant extracts is easily absorbed.

I read tonnes and tonnes before making this purchase obviously like most products there are a lot of ‘good’, very little ‘bad’ and negligible ‘very bad’  reviews for Bio Oil. I am a burnt child when it comes to relying on the good reviews because dishonesty and sponsored content is everywhere. I have fallen pray to it many(1) + many(2) times, so that is also a reason for why I am not yet ready to provide a fully vetted review. 


Bio Oil claims to have a breakthrough ingredient called “PurCellin Oil“, but strangely this is not listed in its ingredient list. I found out why from this very intriguing and informative article. It involves ducks and marketing gimmick. (Never thought those two words will come in one sentence) 

Bio-Oil Ingredient List

Bio-Oil Ingredient List

Bio-Oil | Packaging and Ingredients

Bio-Oil | Packaging and Ingredients

The main ingredient of Bio Oil is Paraffinum Liquidum which in general terms means Mineral Oil (synthetic oil). This is listed right no top so this is what constitutes as major ingredient of the formulation. Mineral oil is used in many products, including baby oils, lotions etc. The benefit of mineral oil is doubtful, since it is a petroleum product. Some people feel that it is unhealthy for the skin because it clogs pores, ultimately drying the skin. The counter argument says that mineral oil seals in the body’s natural moisture and guards it against the drying elements in the air. (vicious circle- kind of like Silicones) So now, the question we need to ask ourselves & the manufactures is why would we put a petroleum derivative on our skin when there are so many nutrient rich natural oils that can be used? The answer to that question is not surprising at all….Mineral Oil is very cheap



Coming back to how Bio Oil fared on its test run. It comes in a no-nonsense plastic packaging; practical and dull. I found it to be very moisturizing. It spreads easily and does not make the skin oily. I used it twice a day on my face and on the body post showering. It gives a lasting moisturized effect. What I mean by that is, during winters I used to apply some cream/lotion in the morning and by evening my skin would be dry again, this is not the case with Bio Oil. (Once my dad was in town and he is a firm believer of coconut oil as moisturizer and has very dry skin. He ran out of his usual so I offered Bio Oil and his observation was also the same.)

Other than that I don’t see any other difference. My scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone are still as they were in pre-BioOil times. I don’t like the smell of this oil but then I have a sensitive nose and don’t like majority of fragrances. The good part is the smell doesn’t last, that’s good for me but for folks who want the smell to last they are out of luck on this one.

*My facial skin type is normal to dry with an oily T-zone and I don’t get too many breakouts so I cannot comment how this product will fare for folks who have acne prone/ oily- to very oily skin.

Bio-Oil | Packaging and Ingredients

Bio-Oil | Packaging and Ingredients


  • Provides lasting moisture
  • Travel friendly packaging


  • Very expensive since it contains the cheapest possible ingredient i.e. Mineral Oil
  • Claimed benefits are not noticed unless one uses it for a large period of time.

Closing Thought:

I am forced to think whether I am getting swayed by the marketing to not out-rightly say that this product is hyped and ineffective. I am still doubtful perhaps because numerous blogs/advertisements etc. have assured me that it works and because I have spent a lot on it. Maybe due to this I will end up applying Bio Oil regularly and hence get a good result? Many studies have shown that simply massaging of scar tissue can help reduce its appearance over time, regardless of any product application. And some scars and marks just fade away over time, so there is no knowing whether the fading was natural or should be attributed to Bio Oil! Huge dilemma! Tell me what you think in the comments.



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