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Hype Hunt – Innisfree Face Masks | Product Review

Innisfree is a Korean Brand that enterd the Indian Market sometime back, and I say about time we get acess to global brands. Korean skincare and makeup is world renowned for the use of unique ingredients and their claimed effectiveness. I had been wanting to try Korean stuff since a while so when Nykaa made it availaible online I though these need to be given a shot. I tried their Sheet Masks in Rose & Cucumber and the Jeju Volcanic Scoria from the Capsule Recipie Pack Collection.

Innisfree Face mask Review of Capsule recipie Pack in Volcanic Scoria Cluster

Innisfree Face Brand Story & Face Mask Review | IC: Innisfree

About Innisfree

This product line is owned by the Amore Pacific, a Korean company that is a distributor of skin care products globally. Innisfree came in to being is 2000 and the brand is developed around a cornerstone concept of unique ingredients. A innovative concept in my opinion, the company focuses on the pristine environment of Jeju island in South Korea. The lack of pollution in the outlying environment of this island is the special source of the ingredients used in their products.

Innisfree Face mask Review of Capsule recipie Pack in Volcanic Scoria Cluster

Brand Concept | IC: Innisfree

Innisfree also provides a guilt free purchase experience as they claim the ingredients are natural and packaging is eco-friendly. In South Korea the brand is also heavily invested into environmental activism, they promote recycling and other eco friendly practices like using a Hanky instead of Tissue. Read more about this campaign here.

Jeju Volcanic Scoria (Cluster) Capsule Recipe Pack

Cost: 100 INR for 10 ml

Buy Online: 

Claims: A clay pack with Jeju volcanic scoria/ cluster that effectively absorb excessive sebum to keep pores clean

Innisfree Face mask Review of Capsule recioie Pack in Volcanic Scoria

Volcanic Scoria| PC: Innisfree

Scoria is “basaltic lava ejected as fragments from a volcano, typically with a frothy texture.” It is claimed  to be great for absorbing sebum and dirt. 

Initially I thought it is the same as the Super Volcanic Clay Mask and  I couldnt find the answer to it so I wrte to Innisfree and they were prompt to reply back.

Difference between Super Volcanic Clay Mask and Volcanic Scoria Capsule Recipie Pack

Difference between Super Volcanic Clay Mask and Volcanic Scoria Capsule Recipie Pack

The packaging is excellent and good enough quantity for a relatively economical price tag is wonderful for folks like me who cannot commit to a huge expensive bottle of stuff. I believe this pack is enough for 3 applications. It is fragrance free which works out great for me. The consistancy is thick so working with it needs effort and patience. Like other masks after drying it doesnt stretch the skin nor does it feel tight.

After washing there is like a whitish cast perhaps because of the Titanium Dioxide, which is the same ingredient used in sunscreens. The whitish cast should not be confused for brighter looking skin. Post mask the sebum level of my T-zone was its usual shiny self by evening and I also broke out on the nose.  The break-out can be attributed to the “Chinese cure,” a term used in acupuncture, which means sometimes the skin gets worse before it gets better. So this product has me confused.

Innisfree | Capsule Recipie Pack - Volcanic Scoria | Face Mask

Innisfree | Capsule Recipie Pack – Jeju Volcanic Scoria | Face Mask

There was nothing groundbreaking about it and there are other local brands that give the same result so I am not positive I will repurchase.

It’s real squeeze mask – Cucumber & Rose

Cost: 100 INR per sheet

Buy Online: Cucumber:  Rose:


Cucumber: A mask containing cucumber extract to provide plentiful moisture to dry skin. Cucumber contains effective ingredients that make your skin clear and vital with natural moisture.

Rose: A mask containing essential moisture squeezed from fragrant roses to make skin smooth and radiant. Fragrant roses provide moisture to your skin to make it supple and smooth.

Both claim to contain: 

Jeju green complex
The Jeju green complex consists of green tea, tangerine, cactus, camellia leaves, and orchids to keep your skin healthy.

Triple-layered sheet
This triple-layer sheet has a long-lasting moisturizing effect so that the essence can gradually be absorbed into the skin.

Innisfree | It's real squeeze - Sheet Mask | Cucumber & Rose

Innisfree | It’s real squeeze – Sheet Mask | Cucumber & Rose

Innisfree Face Mask Review India2

These drama value these bring to your life is immense. My family came up with the choicest jokes when they saw me wearing this and going about the house. So its safe to say one may need to do this at their own discretion. Its beyond me how folks claim to be comfortable using it in flights etc.

One needs to be gentle with the sheet-mask while pullin it out of the package. There will be some extra liquid remaining within which can be used again a second time if preserved.

I kept these in the fridge for extra cooling and it made a huge difference especially during the heat-wave that just passed. They are very moisturising and that wafting fragrance is amazing! (Its like Bira-White mixed with Homeopathy Medicine mixed with Roses- Gosh I suck at describing fragrances). I am amazed how well my uptight nose took to these scents, they are wonderfully refreshing.

The mask is wet and slightly slimy. Slimy not in a bad way, similar to how it feels when you rub aloe on your face. This helps the mask to remain stuck to the face, it doesnt fall off so one can go about their buisness while this is on.

Innisfree | It's real squeeze - Sheet Mask | Cucumber & Rose

Innisfree | It’s real squeeze – Sheet Mask |  Rose

Innisfree | It's real squeeze - Sheet Mask | Cucumber & Rose

Innisfree | It’s real squeeze – Sheet Mask | Cucumber

After I was done with the mask the face was moist and sticky. As per intructions I patted it down so that the moisture is soaked up and washed off the remaining stickyness. The moisturisation that these offer is pretty good, I had a stubborn little dry patch on my nose which seemed to calm down after one mask session. So Dry skinned folks should definitely go for it.

Innisfree its real squeeze sheet Face Mask Rose Review India2

Innisfree | It’s real squeeze – Sheet Mask | Rose

Its refreshing, moisturising and the process guarantees one’s 100% involvement. It definitely is on the pricy side for one time use & throw purpose but I feel its justified for ocassional use and the great experience it provides. It is definitely worth trying.

Have you guys tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments what are your thoughts about Korean Beauty Products.


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