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Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

The kind folks at Mirabela gifted me a couple of their herbal powders. I have never really used herbal powders in my skincare routine so I was excited to try them, especially the Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela. As Indians we are well versed with the fact that Sandalwood is a highly potent and effective Ayurvedic Herb and I really wanted to try this powder for rejuvenating my facial care.

Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

Sourced from Mysore in Southern India, pure Sandalwood in the form of extracts, powder and fragrant essential oils are integral to many authentic skincare formulations stated in Ayurvedic tenets. It is known and widely used for its exotic fragrance, soothing and purifying properties which have an overall calming effect on the skin, mind and body. Sandalwood is enriched with anti-inflammatory, brightening and naturally cleansing properties for the skin to unveil smooth, glowing skin.

Mirabela – the brand.

Mirabela is a home grown woman-led beauty brand that finds inspiration from Mother nature and science backed innovation. The name Mirabela stems from a Latin word, meaning “wondrous” or “of wondrous beauty”. They claim to use the best quality plant based ingrdients in their offerings.

The brand is helmed by Divya Lalwani who holds a degree in engineering and is a skincare enthusiast herself. Read more about the brand here.

Claims – Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela

Mirabela Sandalwood powder is 100% pure and natural, premium grade powder that’s rich in Sandalwood oil. It is made from the heartwood of Indian Sandalwood tree known by the botanical name, Santalum Album or Chandan grown in the southern forest regions of India.

Benefits for skin.

  • Balances oil production, helps in fighting acne-causing bacteria.
  • Deep cleanses and tightens skin pores, mildly exfoliates the skin to give rejuvenated and glowing skin.
  • Soothes sunburn and brightens skin.
  • Sandalwood powder has anti-tanning properties which helps De-tan the skin and reduce suntan.
  • It offer natural cooling properties which save the skin from prickly heat.
  • Sandalwood paste helps reduce scars, pigmentation, blemishes, tanning and softens the skin.
  • Rich in anti- oxidants, fights free radical damage and helps reduces signs of ageing such as wrinkles.
  • The intense, woody aroma of natural India sandalwood powder also immediately leads to your mood becoming all the more pleasant.
  • Sandalwood powder is also used for worshiping Gods & Goddesses with pure sandalwood paste.

Net weight : 25 grams

Cost: 699.00

Ingredients : Pure Indian Sandalwood Powder (Santalum Album/ Chandan).

Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

Benefits of Pure Sandalwood For Skin

The uses of sandalwood powder on face are many. Not only does sandalwood help you get clear skin, it also helps you get rid of persistent skin-related issues.

Skin Soothing & brightening

Sandalwood is has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it an ideal remedy for sunburns and skin rashes. It heals skin irritation and itchiness caused by infections, insect bites, or product reactions and also prevents eruptions and acne. Sandalwood also contains alpha-santalol, a component that inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase involved in melanin synthesis. This inhibitory action may potentially help in reducing abnormal pigmentation associated with aging and UV light exposure, contributing to a more even skin tone.

Fights acne and balances oil

You can even use sandalwood to prevent those wretched pimples from popping out on your skin. The antiseptic properties of sandalwood reduce bacterial growth on the skin, which makes it very effective in treating acne, boils, and sores and preventing them from worsening. While its astringent properties help balance excess sebum production and moisturise the skin.

Anti-tanning & sun-burn remedy

The effects of a suntan can last for long if not treated quickly. Rubbing sandalwood oil or applying its paste on the affected parts can remove suntan gradually as well as reduce the redness and burning caused by overexposure to the sun’s rays. Sandalwood possesses natural skin brightening and cooling properties, which can reduce the appearance of tan and soothe sunburned skin.


Sandalwood is rich in antioxidants that prevent skin sagging and the consequent formation of wrinkles. It is also capable of fighting the damage caused by the presence of free radicals in the skin. Ayurveda reveres it for its anti-ageing properties that can make skin firmer, while also reversing sun damage. Isn’t that amazing.

Removes scarring

Sandalwood is known to heal your skin tissues. This healing property helps in getting rid of scars from wounds, blemishes, dark spots and eczema. It removes skin impurities to give you an even tone.

Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

How to Use Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela

As suggested by the Brand: Sandalwood powder is used as key ingredient in DIY Face Pack, Face Mask and Face Scrub recipes.

–Glow Mask recipe for oily/combination skin type prone to acne.

Mix together 1 teaspoon Mirabela Sandalwood Powder, ½ teaspoon honey and little water to forma a smooth paste. Apply on face & neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off with regular water.

–DIY Face Brightening & Whitening mask recipe for all skin types.

Mix together 1 teaspoon Mirabela Sandalwood Powder, 1 teaspoon Rice flour, ½ teaspoon curd and little water if needed to form a smooth paste. Apply on face & neck. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash off with regular water.

No matter how you choose to use it, Sandalwood powder is a natural and effective way to improve your skin health and overall well-being.

Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

Closing Thoughts- Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela

Natural ingredients like sandalwood work best when you use them in their purest form; which is a tough task in itself since adulteration is common practice. I found Mirabela’s Sandalwood Powder to be of a superior quality from a colour, fragrance and feel point of view. Not an expert by any means but growing up in India I have been privy to variety of sandalwood formats like essences, oils, sticks etc and in comparison to them I can make out that this is is a good quality product.

Personally I use it as a face mask after a long day, the cooling sensation calms my being and rejuvenates my skin. I do it as a self care ritual on days where my skin feels dull and have a wandering mind. The humble scent centres me and the masking experience with a natural ingredient helps me relax and glowing face is a big bonus!

Pure Sandalwood Powder by Mirabela | Review

If you are interested in trying it, it is available on Mirabela’s webpage. I would love it if you can let me know your experiences with Herbal Powders and how you use them. Lets also connect on Instagram to discuss all things beauty.


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    I have no idea about the other benefits of sandalwood for skin and your article is really a good catch for me. I’m really glad I have read this and was able to know that sandalwood is indeed for oily-skinned people like me.

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