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Kronokare: Flower Power Face Toner | Review

Its not often that I make impulse purchases but recently one of my favorite blogger Shalini¬†of BeBeautilicious posted about Kronokares’s huge sale on here Instagram and one thing led to the other and I ended up with a ton of things from Kronokare! (Victim of influencer marketing & my below average will power!)

Kronokare: Flower Power Face Toner | Product Review & Ingredient analysis

Kronokare: Flower Power Face Toner | Product Review

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Facial Toner- What is it? And why you need it?

I am often surprised by the people who have access to luxurious serums and creams and yet don’t know the importance of the humble- Toner. Even if they do know they are almost always confused about why this needs to be an important step in their skincare routine. To be honest I was one of those people at some point, so I thought I need to share my knowledge about this misunderstood skincare staple.

Skincare Essential - The Facial Toner, What is a toner, Reasons to incorporate a Toner into your skin care routine. Best toners in India

Skincare Essential – The Facial Toner

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