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OMG! Sulfates

Have you guys noticed the frequent use of the term “Sulfates” lately? Women in those pretentious parties insisting products they use are absolutely free of Sulfates…. Boutique brands claiming to be a healthier option because “Sulfate Free” is printed in bold type on their label….Hair stylist at the salon claiming that my hair is thinning because of Sulfates in the shampoo I am using and the one that they recommend will (miraculously) make the situation better!

So after a few such instances I had, had enough and I was compelled to research and understand if I am truly doomed because my shampoo has Sulfates! Here is a gist of what I have come to understand so far.

Sulphates - Is our shampoo making us sick!

Sulfates – Is our shampoo making us sick!

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