Chanel 2.55

Today I am taking a look at yet another iconic piece of design, fashion design to be accurate. Amongst the many fields of Design, fashion is very popular and easily understood by laymen. Especially in India if you say ” I am a Designer”, majority will think “Haan kapde silti hogi” (must be sewing clothes), and assume you are a Fashion Designer. For this (amongst other) reason designers from other design disciplines tend to take fashion design with a pinch of salt. But like any other field of design be it Industrial or Furniture, Fashion Design also has the same core values and the final outcome is a reflection of the designer and their inspiration. Of course the Form vs. Function debate is also very valid in the field of Fashion Design. So today I am taking a look at one such piece of iconic design that was born out of necessity and went on to become an icon in the world of Fashion Design – The Chanel 2.55 Handbag.

Chanel Reissue | PC: The Purse blog

2.55 Reissue | PC: The Purse blog

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