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Innisfree – Jeju Peach Hand Cream | Review

Getting someone a present that they would love and cherish is a skill, a really good-to-have skill; that clearly I do NOT possess because I gifted this hand cream to my friend!

Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream Review India

Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream

Like a lot of others I went a little nuts over Korean brands becoming available in India (Thanks Nykaa!) and wanted everyone I know to try them. So I thought Ms. Super Consumer deserved a bunch of great Korean stuff for her Birthday and of course I didn’t bother to read reviews or anything because, duh…its Korean! But this opinion of mine couldn’t have been more wrong …

Cost: 300 INR for 100ml

Product Description by the Brand: Containing olive oil emulsion and shea butter extracts that deliver highly concentrated nourishment, it has a watery texture for hydration and rapidly absorbs into your skin, leaving no stickiness and oily residue behind. Fruity fragrance,the deep sweetness of citrus fruits and a fresh green note are harmonized, along with the whiffs of amber and musk to create a deep, sweet fragrance.
Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream Review India

Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream – Packaging

I would have never come to know that this was such a super dud until one day when Ms. Super Consumer got it to work and kept it on her desk. She often complains of dry hands so I thought maybe she wants to use it frequently because air conditioning in our office sucks the moisture right out! One such day when our air-con was cranked up to the particularly nasty setting of – “Freeze everyone to death” I felt like some hand cream!
Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream Review India | Texture & Colour

Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream – Texture & Colour

My hands (along with whatever I touched) remained slick for over an hour and its sharp artificial fruit smell lingered forever. It has a silicon-y texture (not at all watery like claimed in the product description) which is repeatedly-wipe-your-hands-on-pants greasy. I could bear with all this if it was at least moisturizing, but it provides no hydration. You might even lose whatever moisture your hand possesses because one constantly feels like washing the hands with soap to remove that grease! And when you do wash your hands you can feel the stickiness coming off. It literally doesn’t full fill any claim that it makes.
Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream Review India Ingredients, Shelf-Life & Cost

Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream – Ingredients, Shelf-Life & Cost

It comes packaged in a very beautifully designed plastic tube with cheerful graphics and a flip top cap which is definitely convenient. Also notice how environment conscious the brand wants to come across because they ask you to return the empty tube post usage. So looks like I paid a bunch of cash for a terrible product packaged beautifully and to top that gifted it to a close friend and lost face due to my disastrous presumption!

Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream Review India

Innisfree | Jeju Peach Hand Cream Review

Closing Thoughts

Korean Beauty is all the rage now, but then like any other range of products there are hits and miss. So don’t get swayed like I did! Let me know other K- beauty products that you have tried and how has your experience been with them in the comments.

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  1. Sharanya says:

    Hey..I have recently used a cream called kiss me collagen mask. It’s an overnight cream and does an awsome job in removing the tan and brightening up the face. It gives the effect of an instant facial . it claims that it removes acne scars which I doubt but really worth trying. Give me your reviews on the same . please do buy it from their direct link and not via Amazon.

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