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Clinique’s Three Step Skin Care System – It actually works!

We live in times where we are constantly overloaded with information about products which make too-good-to-be-true claims and take complete advantage of the gullible consumer in us. But when, one such product actually works (Ughh…let’s be realistic, does even half of what it says) I for one am beyond just delighted! Today I am going to write about my experience using the Clinique’s Three Step Skin Care System.

Clinique Three Steps - Cleanser Exfoliating Lotion Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel Review India

Clinique Three Steps – Cleanse Exfoliate and Moisturize

Product Claims:

Buy Online & Cost:


It is expensive…very expensive! I would have never tried it if it wasn’t for the (gentle!) push I received from the very nice SA at Clinique by the name of Johnny at Pune’s Phoenix Market City, to try out the starter kit. History of disappointment especially with skin care products had already prejudiced me, yet reluctantly I parted with my money and continued to hope! My friend Ms. Super Consumer also took a kit for her skin type. (Yes, they are skin type specific). The Monday after that weekend trip to the mall we met at office and she is all praise for it and has already decided to get full size bottles! Mind you, Ms. Super Consumer is an advanced buyer and her word carries weight, which compelled me to open the kit and begin the regime (Yes, it’s a regime for sure – pun intended – three steps morning and evening …aint nobody got time for that!) and pay attention to its effects.

The Toner (Clarifying Lotions)

So it is the same old theory of Cleanse Tone Moisturize but Clinique calls it Cleanse – Exfoliate – Moisturize. Let’s talk about the differentiator first i.e. “Exfoliate”. Exfoliating products often contain tiny particles that scrub away dead skin. It makes skin soft, smooth & clean but it’s harsh and is not recommended as an everyday exercise. Clinique’s version of exfoliant is the ‘Clarifying Lotion’ that claims to remove dead cells on the surface, that are not already cleaned by the face wash & release the trapped oil in the oil glands which if not cleaned cause blemishes.

In my opinion this is the key product that has improved my skin. The first time I used it after washing my face with the face wash, I swear to god I did not expect the cotton pad to change color from white to disgusting! I was shocked; I never thought my skin could still be that dirty even after using the face wash. It was this moment, that gave me momentum to continue the use of these products, otherwise my laziness takes over and many such routines have fizzled.

For my skin type (Combination: Oily T-Zone & comfortable cheeks) I was given the following set: Liquid facial Soap– Mild, Clarifying Lotion Mild, Dramatically Different moisturizing Gel. One is expected to finish the starter kit in 2 weeks but by the time I finished it and went back for full size, seasons had changed and this time when my skin was tested the SA gave me Clarifying Lotion: 2 which is slightly stronger (by stronger I mean more astringent-y and tingly when applied) than the mild! So turns out the skin needs change with season, but if it was up to me I would use the mild! I have already repurchased it and a 200 ml bottle lasts for quite a while.

The Face Wash:

It’s definitely better than the usual drugstore brands. Its mild, doesn’t dry out the skin yet manages to refresh and gently cleanse. But would I go back for it again, probably not and that’s only because of its high price!

The Moisturizer:

There are pages and pages of praise written about this cult favorite! It is definitely impressive and undoubtedly lives up to its reputation! Post use, my skin feels incredibly smooth and almost primed. It absorbs into the skin right away, and gives a smooth sheer base for makeup. The only downfall is that wonderful effect it has immediately after application is not very lasting. Will I buy this again, ermm no… or maybe I will…. when I win the lottery!

Closing Thoughts:

Definitely try the starter kit after getting your skin type tested at your local Clinique. If you have the money invest in the full size, follow the routine and notice how your skin changes.  (Sometime back they were giving a discount coupon of around 700 INR along with the starter kit, which can be used when you graduate to full size in two weeks!) If you are lazy like me and have time  (or money) only for one product go for the Clarifying Lotion!

Have you tried any of these products below? I would love to know your experience with these products.



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