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Satliva- Cocoa Bliss Body Butter | Review

Recently I was approached by Glamrada to ask if I would like to try out some products in exchange of a review and before agreeing I asked them if things go south with the product would they be OK if I write a negative review? Surprisingly the associate who was speaking with me over the phone said that would be completely fine without a moment’s hesitation. Most often in this barter kind of arrangements folks are interested only in positive reviews but kudos to Glamrada for striving to be an honest Review Aggregator.

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter Review

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter Review

They were kind enough to send me a bunch of products from a new Indie Brand – Satliva. I am a great supporter of home-grown independent brands so I was happy to learn about Satliva and try out some of their offerings. They are brand specializing in Hemp Oil based products (Hemp has a notoriously popular cousin, I am sure you know – Marijuana!) Hemp Oil is known for its naturally preventive and curative qualities. It contains the essential fatty acids (EFA’s) Omega 3, 6 and 9, in the ratio very similar to Human DNA. It also contains 21 amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids, required by the human body.

Check out the interesting story of how the brand was founded here. The first thing I tried amongst the stuff I was sent was the Cocoa Bliss Body Butter and it totally surprised me.

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review_GlamRada (1)

Satliva Products courtesy of Glamrada


40 grams for 610 INR

100 grams for 960 INR

Buy Online:


Product Claims:

  • Improves the hydration and texture of the skin.
  • Beeswax protects the skin against irritants while still allowing it to breathe. Offering anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral qualities, it is naturally helpful in eliminating skin irritations.
  • Easy to spread this rich luxurious body butter, it helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles, is excellent for stretch marks and restores elasticity to the dull skin.
  • It assists in fading age spots and reducing puffiness of the skin while offering you long-term skin health by nourishing and keeping it supple and young.
  • Mild chocolate aroma, cold-pressed & freshly made on order. 100 gm lasts up to 6 months.
  • For maximum benefits and freshness, the said natural and organic products should be kept in a cool, dry place and used within 6 months of purchase.


Hemp seed Oil*, Cocoa Butter, Moringa Oil, Jojoba Oil, Bees wax, Peppermint Essential Oil.
*Hemp seed oil is extracted and combined with other cold pressed oils and essential oils to bring you the finest chemical free products.
Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review_ Ingredients and Shelf Life(4)

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter | Ingredients, Cost, Directions & Shelf Life

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review_Packaging

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review | Packaging

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint | Packaging

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint | Packaging

The product comes in a relatively simple and straightforward tin can packaging which has a screw type lid. It is plain and I am OK with it because indie brands often don’t have the luxury to spend tonnes on packaging. But with a product like this an additional seal using a foil/ film would have really helped because the product is prone to melt and leak. By the time this reached me the product had leaked and the sticker on top (among other things) had soaked the oil .

Attributed to the ingredients the product is bound to melt if the temperature increases so its important that it is stored in a cool place. In a cool temperature the product is of a solid consistency and one is expected to scoop out some from the tin. As soon as the product comes in contact with the body heat it starts to melt. I prefer to scoop out some and then rub it between my fingers to completely melt it before applying. Once melted it spreads relatively easily.

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review_colour

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter | Color

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Texture & Consistency

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter – Texture & Consistency

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Texture & Consistency

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter | Absorbed Quickly

It has a mild cocoa fragrance mixed with an herbal note perhaps a mix of hemp & peppermint. The scent fills up the room and lasts for a good few hours on the body.

The brand mentions..

“The human body processes its toxins and the regeneration of cells is faster when the body is at rest, especially at night, when it needs EFAs (Omega 3,6 and 9), Amino acids and minerals. Hemp Oil products, deliver the maximum benefits of its qualities for use prior to bedtime, especially since they are not greasy, non-comedogenic and are naturally absorbed deep into the skin cells.”


Despite the above I prefer to apply it after shower, this helps in trapping the moisture into the skin for a longer time. It absorbs quite quickly and the skin feels hydrated for the whole day. Unlike other natural body butters/ creams I have tried in the past this feels moisturizing without feeling heavy or oily which is a big point in its favor. I spend most of my day in a very dry centrally air-conditioned environment and my feet tends to look very dry in a couple of hours after entering the premise, but this product really helped in maintaining the hydration level.


  • Natural Product with a small & straightforward ingredient list.
  • Low Shelf Life -contains less or no preservatives.
  • Hydrating with a comfortable formula.


  • Not available easily offline.
  • Packaging is prone to leak.
Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter with Peppermint Review

Satliva-Cocoa Bliss Body Butter | Final Thoughts

Closing Thoughts:

If you have been following me you know I greatly appreciate simple and easily understandable ingredient list and in those regards this product is true to the brief. In short-term this has performed really well and as far as the long-term claims of fading stretch marks and age spots will be tested over time. I am hopeful and I will write and update if I have something exciting to report.

If you are in the market for a natural body moisturizer I would encourage you to try this and let me know if you agree with my experience. Also let me know what are the other Indie brands you know and trust.

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