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Bioderma: Hydrabio H2O vs. Sensibio H2O | Comparison & Review

I am a huge fan of the Micellar Water concept (read- This girl be lazy!) and more so of the brand Bioderma. Its a French Pharmacy Brand so just that fact might have swayed me a little, because the French know their Beauty products! One of the first posts I wrote on this blog, two years ago was a review for the Sensibio H2O and in the years that have passed have seen me try various makeup removing products and nothing ever came close to Bioderma. So after finishing numerous bottles of the Sensibio H2O I was glad to try the Hydrabio H2O variant.

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Review and comparison with Sensibio H2O

Bioderma: Hydrabio H2O | A Review and Comparison with Sensibio H2O

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Review and comparison with Sensibio H2O

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Product Description & Claims

Hydrabio H2O is the 1st and only dermatological micellar water perfectly compatible with the skin. Its fatty acid esters, the constituent elements of micelles, are similar to the phospholipids of the skin cell membranes and naturally help rebuild the skin’s hydrolipidic film. Thus, Hydrabio H2O guarantees unrivaled tolerance and comfort for optimum make-up removing efficacy. Moreover, its Aquagenium exclusive biological patent retrains the skin to activate its natural moisturising capacities by stimulating the production of aquaporins, water channels in the skin, and retain the water it needs to be balanced.

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Review and comparison with Sensibio H2O | Claims & Directions

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O | Claims & Directions

A cleansing and make-up removing water that respects the fragility of sensitive skin and stimulates moisture for

  • Dehydrated sensitive skin
  • Combines very high cleansing power and unparalleled tolerance
  • Cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes
  • Soothes and decongests and respects the skin balance
  • Produces a feeling of instant freshness
  • Non-rinse
  • Allergen-free fragrance
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Even removes water-resistant make-up.

Ingredient Comparison

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Ingredient Breakdown & Comparison with Sensibio H2O

Bioderma: Hydrabio H2O vs. Sensibio H2O | Ingredient Breakdown & Comparison

Before moving ahead I would urge you to read this post where I reviewed the Moisturizer – “Hydrabio Legere” from the same range and have broken down their Aquagenium technology. Bioderma’s Hydrabio range is based on the basic fact that Our skin needs water. Research tells me it is based on Nobel-prize-winning research on Aquaporins.

Aquaporins are channels that move water around cells. The theory is that everyone’s skin needs water, and that water needs to stay in our skin. Hydrabio does it with ingredients such as vitamin B3, apple seed and seaweed extracts that are claimed to be good at rebuilding aquaporins, and glycerine which is said to prevent evaporation from the surface of skin (kind of like silicones). So as a result the skin is said to become better able to absorb, retain and circulate water, therefore it is more hydrated on the surface and within.

Also in this particular variant of Micellar water the brand claims to use fatty acid esters, that are similar to the phospholipids* of the skin cell membranes as a part of the micelles which helps in rebuilding the skin’s hydrolipidic film**.

*A phospholipid is a type of lipid molecule that is the main component of the cell membrane.

**The hydrolipidic film is a protective film that covers the entire surface of the skin. It is composed mainly of sweat, sebum and water and its main function is to defend the skin against bacteria, acting as an external protective barrier.

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Review and comparison with Sensibio H2O

Bioderma: Hydrabio H2O | 500 ml Bottle Size – A handfull

The product comes packaged in a similar plastic bottle as the Sensibio H2O which has a flip top cap. I have the 500 ml bottle; it is slightly difficult to tilt due to its weight when its completely full and I need to be careful to not spill while dispensing the liquid on to the cotton pad.

The presence of fragrance in this product is unnecessary and I am not a fan of fragrance in skincare products. But I need to credit them for the choice of perfume, it is very similar to the cream but a lot more refreshing. The Sensibio variant has no scent so if you are one with super sensitive skin I would suggest you stick to the pink cap!

It does an equally good job of removing the makeup and very quickly at that. I don’t wear very heavy makeup on a daily basis so this works perfectly for my needs. It removes the makeup but the skin does not feel dry or oily. The skin retains its hydration while feeling clean and refreshed. 

Occasionally I line my waterline with kohl and want it completely removed, I use this on a cotton bud (Q-Tip) and clean the inside of the eye. It does not sting or irritate the eye like other makeup removers I have tried in the past.

They claim that one doesn’t need to rinse their face which is great for times when one might not have access to running water but I would never recommend that you not cleanse. I am a firm believer of Double Cleansing so I always wash my face with a cleanser after I remove my makeup with this and strongly urge you to do the same.


  • Effective
  • Removes makeup while keeping the skin hydrated
  • Non-comedogenic & Hypoallergenic
  • Tolerated well by various skin types.


Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Review and comparison with Sensibio H2O

Bioderma: Hydrabio H2O compared with Sensibio H2O | Final Thoughts

Closing Thoughts:

Over all I feel both the Sensibio & Hydrabio are similar as far as their makeup removing performance is concerned. There are few differences in the ingredient list, which I have pointed out in the chart above. The Hydrabio variant has a lot more skin conditioning agents & humectants (and of course fragrance). Perhaps due to the presence of these in the formula it feels more hydrating & refreshing.

If you have the budget I would totally recommend that you try this product. Especially if you are someone with dry & sensitive skin you will immediately notice the difference!

Check out the other Bioderma Products I have tried here & here. Also find me on Instagram here and lets discuss Beauty!


17 thoughts on “Bioderma: Hydrabio H2O vs. Sensibio H2O | Comparison & Review

  1. Nicole Anderson says:

    This is a really helpful review and comparison between the products. I think both are worthy of trying to see what works best for your own individual skin type. We all respond differently but we all do need to look after the health of our skin.

    • Nicole, Thanks for stopping by!
      I cant agree more, both work wonderfully and one might just work better depending on the individuals skin type.
      Also now that you are here, don’t be a stranger! <3

  2. Elizabeth O says:

    This is a really great post. I definitely like the sound of both these products and love that they are hypoallergenic too!

  3. Preet says:

    I’ve heard so much about this product. My friends use this and it has really a great effect on them. I will try this.

  4. Thanks for the thorough comparison. I found the ingredients breakdown especially helpful, as I always want to understand exactly what I am putting on my face. My skin could definitely use some extra care right now so I will look into the Bioderma line. This is the first I’ve heard of them; thanks for bringing it to my attention!

  5. I was not really interested in “H2O” for skin care when my sister used them. So I did not know the benefits it brought. Thanks for sharing and this comparison is really useful to choose the accordant one ^^

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