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MAC Studio Fix – Review & Swatches

I am in awe of the ladies who turn up for the 9 am meeting perfectly made up and looking all golden! Like me, many of you must also wonder if we can achieve that level of self presentation ….but then there is breakfast to be cooked and lunches to be packed. Between the under cooked Poha and swearing at the crazy taxi driver cutting the lane, can we still manage to look fabulous, you ask? Yes, we can!
Enter: MAC Studio Fix Powder plus Foundation.

Studiofix 3

MAC Studio Fix

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Regrettable Purchases!

I am not the kind who buys stuff on a whim, I put in hours of research and read reviews, watch videos and yet I tend to find myself with products that absolutely suck! This is part of the reason why I set up this blog to provide an honest take on these downers.

I have already wasted money (and time) on these, so after you read this hopefully you wont have to !

Disappointing Beauty products

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