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Thermal Spring Water- more than just water!

Let’s talk about the new sensation that has hit the market – Thermal Spring Water. When I first heard of this, I thought clever marketing could sell us just about anything! But then I did some research to understand what is the big deal about this and here are my findings.

What is thermal spring water. Avene Thermal Spring Water Review India

More than your ordinary tap water!

What is Thermal Spring Water?

Normal water turns into its fancier counterpart the thermal spring water when it journeys through the great depths of rocky mountains and eventually resurfaces. Through this process the water becomes rich in minerals and carbon dioxide. It is essentially mineral water with healing properties and is purer because pollution is yet to come in contact with it. It is said to contain many benefiting minerals and therapeutic salts.

Reading up on this reminded me of a trip I took to a village in Himachal when I was in school. The family we stayed with had a Baoli (a step well), which had water coming in from the mountains clean enough to drink without purification. The city bred brat that I was… I couldn’t fathom the fact that, this water; that has come in contact with rocks & soil can be directly consumed, so I went whining  to mom complaining that they didn’t have an Aqua Guard! Fast forward 20 years, and here I am talking about the benefits of the same. Ironic !

What can Thermal Spring Water it be used for?

To set make up:  A fine spray of it on your completed look will help set it in place and reduce the powdery effect some makeup has. Although one time I sprayed it on while wearing non water proof mascara and you all know what happens after that! Remember, less is more.

Skin Refreshment: It’s a cold drink for your skin, so if you are taking a long flight or are in a centrally air-conditioned environment for long this is for you. It is instantly cooling so it can also be used when you are out in the sun or having a humid day or during and after exercising.

A toner: It has contents that help purify and calm the skin. It contains anti – oxidants and is said to reducing redness and closes pores naturally. Learn why Toner is an important part of your skin care here.

Post tattoo treatment: Spray on the tattooed area when it is in the healing stage to reduce itchiness.

Burns & wounds: Sun burns, razor burns, post threading /waxing…. It can temporarily relive pain and reduce the stinging sensation.


Closing Thoughts

Keep it in the fridge and take the cooling to a whole new level!

Other than the Thermal Spring Water  itself, there are other products that have this water as its integral ingredient due to the many benefits. Popular brands producing thermal spring water based products available in India include cosmetics from Avène, La Roche-Posay and Vichy.

Do let me know if you have tried any of these products and what has your experience been in the comments. Also check out this product that can be alternated instead of Thermal Spring Water.


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