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Better at life, because of these…

I greatly appreciate when a product does its job. Not exceptionally well or anything .. just simply does what it should. I am all in for it and will go back for seconds, when and if that happens. Here are 5 things that have contributed in slightly improving my life.

Floss Picks:

I don’t need to elaborate on the benefit of flossing before bed. But most nights I am exhausted and just want to hit the bed… in that sleepy tired state of being, locking the floss between the fingers and then angling it right seems too much to do and for the same reason, was most often skipped. Then I came across this wonderful piece of product design, called floss picks. Its floss and tooth pick in one! Its is better to grip and reaches the hard to reach spaces between the molars. Faster, Better, Portable (i.e can be used while watching TV)! Downside is, it increases our carbon foot print, but then it will also save you from the dreadful dentist’s chair in the future.

89 INR for 24 pieces| Buy Online here

How to use Floss Picks? Review and Tools to help motivate to floss

Floss Picks

Magnetic White Board:

I found this tiny one at Diaso in Singapore. It comes with a marker and duster built on the cap. But I am sure you can find one at the closest stationer/online or it could be a simple DIY project ! This one is small enough to be stuck on the fridge. Aasha Bai, the lady who comes and cooks at my house will often be heard yelling things like…..”Taaiii, Mirchi Powder Samplaayy!!” (We are out of ground chilli, in an exasperated tone) Hearing this I come running into the kitchen and quickly write it down on this board. The first time she gave me a strange look but now she often writes it herself. So before stepping out, I take a picture of the list on my phone so that I don’t forget to re-stock!

Buy Online: I paid 2 SGD for this at Daiso but you can find a similar one here.

Also check out my huge Daiso Haul here.

Daiso - Magnetic White Board with Marker Review Price organization Daiso Haul

Daiso – Magnetic White Board with Marker

Google Keep:

Google Keep is a note taking app. The picture I spoke of above, I take it directly via Google Keep and set a reminder so I restock Mirchi Powder without fail (lest Ashabai get upset)! This is a note taking app by Google. I use it to make lists, set reminders, color-code the notes and share them with folks. Ms Super Consumer is often seen taking pictures of written matter, through Google Keep, since it also extracts the text from the picture using optical character recognition. I used to use a similar app earlier but brother dearest introduced this to me when he shared the menu to my wedding reception using this and all parties involved made changes on the fly ! It also has a desktop app and the syncing of stuff on phone and the computer + other devices is a big advantage. If you already haven’t, I recommend you try it!





Speaking of apps another one that I really like is Twilight. Brother dearest who is the tech enthusiast of the family recommended I try this. Probably because while we shared the room as kids he was the casualty of my slight insomnia!

I have always had a lot of trouble sleeping and being hooked to smartphones and social media has made it much worse. Twilight is an Android App that adjusts the colour temperature (or in simple words brightness) of the screen. As the day progresses it reduces the harsh blues and introduces warm reds, reducing the intensity of the screen. It can be set manually or when set to automatic the intensity of the red filter will adjust based on the sunset and sunrise times of where you live. I know one shouldn’t but I still end up reading e-books & check Facebook while I am trying to fall asleep,  but Twilight makes it less stressful on the eyes and helps me sleep faster. Try it!


Aluminium Wallet:

The number of plastic cards I own is just outrageous! Other than the important ones like ID Cards, ATM/Debit cards that have to be on ones person all the time; there are those other ones which are useful but rarely. I speak of the membership cards, petrol cards and endless loyalty program cards for each an every store one ever visits ! I have often thought I should toss them but once in a while they have benefited me in the form of deals and discounts so I reluctantly hold on to them. There have been times where I am shopping at the store and have been offered a deal against my membership, but only if I prove that I really am a member and I am the person I claim, by showing the card ! But obviously I don’t have the card then.. so there goes the discount !

I have tried stuffing all the cards in my regular wallet but that didn’t work out either because fat wallets bring out some weird stares and heavily judgmental looks from folks ! (Tell me I am not alone here !) The Aluminium wallet has helped me solve this problem efficiently and very economically. I dump all the infrequently used cards in there and when closed its compact enough to live comfortably in the dark, many a time unreachable depths of my handbag and comes out only when required.

Cost 150-500 INR | Buy Online here

Aluminum Wallet Review , Use , Test Cost Where to Buy

Aluminum Wallet

Aluma Wallet _Aluminum Wallet Review , Use , Test Cost Where to Buy

Aluminium Wallet Capacity


Have you come across any such wonderful stuff. Let me know what are your must-have products, that have helped you be better at life.



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  1. Hey . the style and language of writing is pretty good and simplified. That helps to connect . the topic is simply amazing . started using twilight . and it looks pretty good.
    The magnetic board is also a pretty awesome idea ! Will get that installed .
    Floss have tried earlier , its a great modifications to the previous ones .

    Keep writing !

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