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Daiso | Beauty Haul

This word “Daiso” brings such immense happiness to me, perhaps because it helps fuel my endless consumerism! For those of you who are not aware, Daiso is a Japanese 100 Yen store (100 Yen = 60 INR approx), kind of like an american dollar store; with an endless variety of goods at very -very economical costs. My first Daiso Experience was at Singapore at the Vivocity Mall and I wanted to buy the whole store! I had purchased a mix of stationary, home goods and candy then. Its been a while since I have been using that stuff and I have realised in spite of being exceptionally economical they are of great quality. So a few months back my (very accommodating) friend Nidhi, author of Motoholic Works (check out her blog for some amazing motorcycle artwork) was travelling to India from Japan and asked me whether I wanted some stuff from Japan. Obviously I did and I gave her a gigantic – overwhelmingly long list of Diaso products and she got it all!

Daiso Beauty

In this post I have decided to cover just the beauty products. I also have a bunch of stationary, kitchen and organization related stuff. So let me know in the comments if you would like me to do a post on the other stuff.

Daiso- Beauty Products

Daiso- Beauty Products

DIY Skincare Sheet Mask

The pill like white disk is a compressed sheet-mask. To use it one is supposed to put a cream/ lotion in the area designated especially for this in the plastic tray and pop one disk in it. Due to the moisture the sheet will expand and then one can apply this to their face! Trust the Japanese for innovative use of technology and some lovely packaging.

Fake Lashes and Glue

The lashes are quite natural looking and the bone is quite flexible. I am yet to try it but I have a good feeling about it and really where else will you get a great pair of lashes and glue for under 150 INR !

Refillable Travel Perfume Bottle

I hate it when I have to carry a big perfume bottle in my suitcase while travelling, so this one is an attempt to travel light. I can tell transferring is going to be effort intensive but I think I can make it work. (and I did!)

Nail Art Stickers

These nail-art stickers are easy and convenient and look wonderful. The first time I tried I didn’t do a very good job (clearly!) but then these would look amazing on slightly longer nails. On closer observation I have also realised that the look of these stickers is such that it seems like it is painted on with varying brush stroke! The only downside is they are 3D so they have some thickness so the topcoat doesn’t sit well on it. Like me, if you do this in a hurry and they wont stick well and then when you run your hands through your hair it will get caught in it!

Mini Brush Set

Look at how tiny they are and there are four! In a test tube size case there are 4 brushes, these will not give a flawless finish but in crunch time something is definitely better than nothing!

Closing Thoughts:

So all this stuff costed 3024Yen = 1819 INR.

Daiso Bill

Daiso Bill


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  1. I am excited about Daiso. Have heard it for the first time from you. I find Japanese stuff so much more appealing and quality assured than chinese somehow. Hoping the Daiso and relaince alliance actually happens.

  2. This is amazing. Loved this post & honest reviews on everything. What makes us similar is love for Pune. I’m from Pune and feel awesome to be following you. Please check my blog & insta page too. Much love ❤

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