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The Body Shop: White Musk Smoky Rose Body Mist – Review

In the past few years I have become very sensitive to smells. In my teen years I wouldn’t mind wearing the strongest of perfumes and still be upbeat and functional. But lately I cant do that anymore, most strong scents annoy my system and I start feeling sick or develop a mild head ache. Moreover with age I feel ones taste in fragrance also changes, rather develops! I have started to understand that I am drawn to warm, woody , amber-y balsamic fragrances. So, today I am reviewing one such fragrance that I came across only by chance.

The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist

The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist

To be absolutely honest I am not a fan of most fragrances offered by The Body Shop (TBS). For me majority of them seem like strong citrus-y/ fruity smells but sometimes they do come up with gems like this. I was talking to the SA about a limited edition range called “Love etc.” that they discontinued and she suggested I try out Smokey Rose because it is similar. It is not similar, she was just pushing product on me but for a change I am happy I was goaded into checking it out. I tried it on my wrist and surprisingly I kept on sniffing it for the rest of the day.


Product Claims: This sensually seductive fragrance mist opens with an elegant fusion of bergamot, pink pepper and blackcurrant, before rising to a floral-musky heart. Layer with other White Musk Smoky Rose products to build the fragrance. Sensual, seductive, floral musk. Cruelty-free musk

Cost: 1195INR for 100ml

In this range they offer a EDP, EDT, Body Mist, Oil, Lotion and Shower Gel. I chose the Body Mist because I like it light and airy.

Standard TBS Body Mist – glass bottle packaging, nothing interesting on that front and not quite travel friendly either. Although the graphic design on the label is quite neat and does give out an image of darker woody scent.

The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist

The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist

The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist

The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist | Ingredients

It starts out strong and lightens through the day. The Tobacco Flower stands out among other ingredients and I guess that is the only reason why I ended up liking it so much. It is subtle and not overpowering definitely not as shrill as the classic White Musk. Lasts quite long (6-7 hours) on the skin and on the fabrics, does not stain either. It makes for a great everyday fragrance. I guess it can be further intensified if one likes a cloud of perfume around them, but two spritz is enough for my sensitive nose. The Smoky Rose Range looks promising, I hope they don’t discontinue it too soon.


  • Priced well
  • Long lasting
  • Classy Fragrance
  • Medium Intensity
  • Cruelty Free


  • Glass Bottle- not travel friendly
The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist

The Body Shop | White Musk -Smoky Rose | Fragrance Mist

Closing Thoughts:

For the price it is a great buy because it smells way more expensive than it is! For folks who enjoy woody base notes might like this one. After warming up perfumes smell different on different people, but since this is a Body Mist gifting is still a possibility! Let me know what do you think of the products from TBS’s Smoky Rose Range in the comments.


5 thoughts on “The Body Shop: White Musk Smoky Rose Body Mist – Review

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  2. Archana says:

    That’s just amazing fragrance. I am literally in love with this since years altogether and not able to switch onto anything else. What I have observed about this perfume is that if you keep on using this everyday, your body literally adapts it and gives you pleasant feeling through out the day. Just go for it.

    • Hi Archana, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Very interesting to note your observation about how long term use changes the way the fragrance reacts. I look forward to your thoughts on some of the other fragrances I have tried.

  3. Putri Bonne says:

    This was my favorite! Until I just found out they discontinued it 🙁 I really hope I’d find something similar. Perhaps you have any recommendations? 🙂

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