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Daiso | Beauty Haul

This word “Daiso” brings such immense happiness to me, perhaps because it helps fuel my endless consumerism! For those of you who are not aware, Daiso is a Japanese 100 Yen store (100 Yen = 60 INR approx), kind of like an american dollar store; with an endless variety of goods at very -very economical costs. My first Daiso Experience was at Singapore at the Vivocity Mall and I wanted to buy the whole store! I had purchased a mix of stationary, home goods and candy then. Its been a while since I have been using that stuff and I have realised in spite of being exceptionally economical they are of great quality. So a few months back my (very accommodating) friend Nidhi, author of Motoholic Works (check out her blog for some amazing motorcycle artwork) was travelling to India from Japan and asked me whether I wanted some stuff from Japan. Obviously I did and I gave her a gigantic – overwhelmingly long list of Diaso products and she got it all!

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