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Jo Malone | Peony & Blush Suede Fragrance Review

Jo Malone is a British Brand, now under the Estee Lauder Umbrella. I have always been a fan of their aesthetics, minimal presentation & philosophy behind designing a fragrance. It has been over a year since they launched in India and I have since tried three of their fragrances. In this post I am talking abut their uber popular floral scent Peony & Blush Suede.

Jo Malone – The Fragrance Designer & the Brand

Jo Malone is a UK-based fragrance designer who got her start in the fragrance industry as a florist. Her love for scents began as a child, when she tried to make her own fragrances using flowers and grated soap. She worked as a florist & a beautician initially, but her buisness flourished after one of her bath oils became popular with clients. She went on to open her first boutique in 1994.

The success of Jo Malone caught the eye of industry giant, Estee Lauder Companies. They acquired the Jo Malone brand in 1999, and Jo remained with the company as its chairwoman and creative director until 2006. ELC continues to operate and produce new scents under the Jo Malone brand and has expanded its distribution globally.

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Review

Jo Malone – Fragrance Philosophy

All their fragrance share a common characteristic of being light fresh & airy. They have a delicate feeling about them. Most of them are cologne concentration and not EDT or EDP which essentially means that they wont necessarily last for ages. The base character of the fragrance is such that it allows one to combine and layer to create their own personal scent.

Jo Malone is known for their floral fragrances which are full bodies & opulent. Also a noteworthy trait across the portfolio is the fact that they are very realistic floral scents.

There are two main ranges; Core Range in clear bottles and then there is the Intense Cologne Range which comes in the black bottle- the difference is that the intense one is bolder & is supposed to last more than the core range.

Packaging Design

The simple but elegant cream coloured packaging with black trim perfectly embodies the tasteful, often subtle and dignified scents in the line. It is highly representative of the brand’s image.

The bottles also carry forward the same aesthetic. The glass and spray mechanism also seems of a superior quality as against some of the competitors.

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Review

Peony & Blush Suede – The fragrance

Peony & Blush Suede belongs to a category that is best described as a Signature Scent – a fragrance that one can wear all around the year, on any occasion and at any time. A trustworthy fragrance and a perfume by which people will recognise you.

It’s a delicate – fruity – floral – with honey accents that blooms into a mellow jasmine mixed with rose. Its an ultra feminine scent with its exaggerated floral sweetness with a juicy-sheer fruity undertone. Despite which it continues to have a fresh & airy vibe, with almost a fragile delicate character. Something about it is super evocative of the softness of suede – I can’t quite put it in words. 


Red Apple- A crisp note that captures the mouth-watering juiciness of apple, opening the fragrance with an innocent, fruity twist.

Peony- An exquisite floral with delicate rose and honey accents and a subtle, green freshness. Fills the fragrance with the scent of peonies, just as they unfold.

Suede- A supple textural note, complementing the floral opulence of peony and bringing enticing sensuality to the fragrance.

Characteristics & Suitability

This one is a beautiful delicate floral scent suitable for all age groups, can be worn any time of the day or the year. If you are someone who prefers floral scents this will surely suit you. It feels fragile & beautiful yet has a luxurious seductive vibe. Floral scents can often feel slightly immature but this fragrance will work for women of all ages due to the fruitiness that adds a young playful side but the well blended florals also bring a sense of maturity to it.

Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Review
Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede Review

Closing Thoughts

The only downside of this is its very poor longevity. I have tried various hacks to make it last longer but to no avail. One trick that somewhat worked was spraying it lightly on my hair so that through the day when the hair moves I catch a whiff of it. Despite this shortcoming it is an unmissable floral fragrance. I purchased this from Nykaa and here is an affiliate link if you want to explore this scent by Jo Malone.

I am all ears to know what you think of this scent, please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also here are some of the other fragrances I have tried and you might enjoy.

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