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Jo Malone | Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Review

Jo Malone is a British Brand, now under the Estee Lauder umbrella. I have always been a fan of their aesthetics, minimal presentation & philosophy behind designing a fragrance. It has been over a year since they launched in India and I have since tried three of their fragrances. In this post I am talking about their famous unisex scent Wood Sage & Sea Salt.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Review
Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Review

Jo Malone – The Fragrance Designer & the Brand

Jo Malone is a UK-based fragrance designer who got her start in the fragrance industry as a florist. Her love for scents began as a child, when she tried to make her own fragrances using flowers and grated soap. She worked as a florist & a beautician initially, but her buisness flourished after one of her bath oils became popular with clients. She went on to open her first boutique in 1994.

The success of Jo Malone caught the eye of industry giant, Estee Lauder Companies. They acquired the Jo Malone brand in 1999, and Jo remained with the company as its chairwoman and creative director until 2006. ELC continues to operate and produce new scents under the Jo Malone brand and has expanded its distribution globally.

Jo Malone – Fragrance Philosophy

All their fragrance share a common characteristic of being light fresh & airy. They have a delicate feeling about them. Most of them are cologne concentration and not EDT or EDP which essentially means that they wont necessarily last for ages. The base character of the fragrance is such that it allows one to combine and layer to create their own personal scent.

Jo Malone is known for their floral fragrances which are full bodies & opulent. Also a noteworthy trait across the portfolio is the fact that they are very realistic floral scents.

There are two main ranges; Core Range in clear bottles and then there is the Intense Cologne Range which comes in the black bottle- the difference is that the intense one is bolder & is supposed to last more than the core range.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Review
Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Review

Packaging Design

The simple but elegant cream coloured packaging with black trim perfectly embodies the tasteful, often subtle and dignified scents in the line. It is highly representative of the brand’s image.

The bottles also carry forward the same aesthetic. The glass and spray mechanism also seems of a superior quality as against some of the competitors.

Wood Sage & Sea Salt – The fragrance

The fragrance is an ideal “Skin Scent” – basically your skin but better. It’s fresh, clean and airy, yet still grounded and sexy attributed to the woody notes of sage. It’s the perfect fragrance for those that are in between preferring fresh and preferring musk—neither of the two overpowering the other.

Jo Malone London describes wearing it to be like “escaping the everyday along the windswept shore”, and I kid you not it is extremely evocative of the salty air of the ocean without being tropical. The most interesting aspect is that when one thinks of sea we envision sunny weather, warm humid air, palm trees, coconuts etc but this absolutely NOT all that! The feeling of this scent is that of a windy, cold-quite-grey pebble beach with drift wood and shrubs and sea spray in chill air. I find this to be a very refreshing differentiating concept.

Unlike other skin scents it has a juicy, citrus sweetness to it. It doesn’t have a distinct citrus note but offers a very fresh and uplifting feeling; that is blended with a light and airy marine vibe. The effect is cool, clean and mineral-like.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Review


Ambrette Seeds
Their textural quality wraps the fragrance with an aura of sophistication.

Sea Salt
The crunchy nature of sea salt brings both texture and a sense of freshness.

Woody with earthy, aromatic tones that bring a natural depth.

Characteristics & Suitability

It is a light easy fragrance that can be worn by anyone, anytime of the year. It is fresh and neutral and has a quiet confidence to it and will definitely work for people who appreciate the beauty in subtlety. If you are a beach lover you will appreciate the marine vibe it offers. Its a non offensive unisex scent which will make you smell clean and good. Its airy so also layers well.

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne Review

Closing Thoughts

One issue I do have with this perfume is regarding its longevity. Within one or two hours, it is no more than barely perceptible on me. It is pricey for the frequent reapplication necessary.

Still, this is a unique, pleasant musky-mineral-balsamic scent. It has a synthetic signature Jo Malone style but it’s interesting in the way it feels atmospheric and landscape-evoking. I purchased this from Nykaa and here is an affiliate link if you want to explore this scent by Jo Malone.

I am all ears to know what you think of this scent, please let me know your thoughts in the comments. Also here are some of the other fragrances I have tried and you might enjoy.

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