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Divya Body Oil by Nourish Mantra- Review

I spend every winter dry, flaky and miserable especially my legs and feet! If this sounds familiar you know the struggle of keeping your skin soft & hydrated during the cold months. So I was than happy to test the Divya Body Oil by Nourish Mantra and the results have been surprising.

Packaging Design of the Nourish Mantra Cinnamon Divya Body Oil

Nourish Mantra: Cinnamon Divya Body Oil – Review

Brand Claims

A detoxifying and moisture-boosting blend of botanical oils. This 100% natural body oil is formulated with the finest grade of essential oils.

  • Moisturizes and softens dry skin, making it supple.
  • Improves skin elasticity for younger-looking skin.
  • Regular use reduces stretch marks in the early pregnancy months.
  • Revitalizing aroma combats fatigue.

Cost: 850 INR for 100 ml

Packaging Design of the Nourish Mantra Cinnamon Divya Body Oil showing the brand claims and vision.

Nourish Mantra – Brand Vision

Key Ingredients – Divya Body Oil:

  • Hemp Seed Oil: Hemp seed oil is made by cold-pressing the seeds of cannabis sativa and is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It not only moisturizes the skin but also keeps oil production in check helping to avoid clogged pores. Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, this oil helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Cinnamon Oil: The cinnamon essential oil has a distinct spicy, earthy fragrance to it and is usually used in aromatherapy. Its healing properties ward off stress.
  • Olive Oil: A much sought-after ingredient when looking to keep yourself young and beautiful, olive oil is known for nourishing the skin and making it soft. It is rich in antioxidants, thereby preventing premature ageing of the skin.
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil: Sea buckthorn is a berry plant found on cold mountains and its oil is a power pack of nutrients and vitamins. This oil greatly helps in reducing dark spots and brightening the skin, giving it a firmer and healthier look.

+Clean Promise: Product is formulated without Parabens, SLS/SLES, Phthalates, Formaldehydes, Mineral Oil, Oxybenzone, Talc, Phenoxyethanol and Synthetic Fragrance.

Outer packaging of the Divya body oil with Ingredient List

Nourish Mantra: Cinnamon Divya Body Oil | Ingredient List

Bottle of the Nourish Mantra Cinnamon Divya Body Oil held in the hand for sense of scale

Nourish Mantra: Cinnamon Divya Body Oil | Directions & Ingredients

About Body Oils

For the longest time I thought putting oil on your skin will bring the unwanted, greasy after-feel (Hello Panchakarma!), but that is not the case anymore. Today’s body oils are lightweight & quick absorbing, sinking in quickly enough to slip on your leggings right after.

The best body oils leaves skin feeling soft and looking glow-y, while simultaneously moisturising and strengthening the skin barrier.Many rely on body lotions to combat dryness, which is great because lotions are formulated to hydrate, heal and moisturise. But using body oils enhances these results by sealing in the product and making the skin look and feel better.

Consistency of the body oil in the palm of the hand

Nourish Mantra: Cinnamon Divya Body Oil – Consistency

My Experience of Divya Body Oil

The oil has a slightly thick consistency, and I need a bit to cover large areas. It takes a minutes to sink in but I don’t bother waiting for it to fully disappear because I like the lustre on the skin. It gradually gets totally absorbed into the skin. There is a nice sheen and a bit of slickness on the skin even hours later. The skin feels moisturised for an extended period of time. Despite its colour and consistency I never experienced any clothing stains, even on lighter clothes. I tried this in the winter months and noticed that it prevented tightness and flaking from the first use.

The Ayurvedic- Cinnamon dominated herbal scent of this body oil is unusual in a world of vanilla/fruity body products. If sweet fragrances are your thing, you may not love it. But the fact that it doesn’t have that synthetic fragrance is a good thing! Even though my nose doesn’t like this scent but my mind felt a sense of relaxation afterwards.

I must also highlight that I love the new branding and packaging by the brand. They boast of a plastic neutral certification which is a very big deal and indeed impressive for an Indian Brand. I have tried a bunch of things from Nourish Mantra and they do offer some great products. Read my experiences with other NM products here.

Recycled material used as claimed on the bottle sticker shown.

Plastic Collective Certification

How I use this Body Oil

Body Oiling is a ritual in Ayurveda, we as Indians are well aware of it but lately our fast paced lifestyle takes us away from it. I personally use body oil only when I have the time and energy to invest in it. I would be lying if I said I did it regularly; but I suppose something is better than nothing, right?

Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic term for lovingly oiling the body. Practicing abhyanga regularly is said to give a profound feeling of stability, strength and well-being. This is in such literal sense that the Sanskrit word sneha translates to “oil” and/or “love”, therefore, snehana “to oil oneself”, also means “to love oneself”.

The daily practice of self-abhyanga, can restore balance to the three doshas, massages the lymphatic system, increases circulation, improves skin tone. It also calms the nerves, counteracts the effects of aging and cultivates self-love. So if body oil isn’t already in your skincare/selfcare routine I suggest you change that!

On the days when I am up to it I start with dry-brushing, followed by a leisurely massage with this oil. I like to heat the body oil just a little bit so that it is warm. On the days where I am in a rush I do one of the two methods here:
-When I am using body oil on its own, I apply while the skin is still slightly damp post-shower to lock in moisture.
-If I am pairing it with a lotion or cream, I use the body oil last, as a final step to seal in all the moisture from the other products.

Bottle of the Nourish Mantra Cinnamon Divya Body Oil shown with the flip top open.

Nourish Mantra: Cinnamon Divya Body Oil | Packaging with Flip top cap

Closing Thoughts

Overall a decent body oil that does what it claims and will work for most skin types. Ideal for dry to very dry skin types for all weather use. But the oily to normal skin types should restrict usage only during the cold & dry winter weather.

The current climes we are always short of time, so hair oil and body oil and other such rituals that take time and effort have started to take a back seat. Honestly I don’t do it as much as I should but when I do, I expect the product to meet me half way and this one does more than that. It keeps my skin silky-smooth and glowing throughout the winter months. The cinnamon fragrance needed getting used to and I do find the consistency a bit much during summer. I wish the brand launches a dry-oil version of this that is more suited for the hot months.

If you are interested in trying this product here is an amazon link. If you have already tried this or have other favourites I am more than curious to learn about your experience so hit the comments section.

Also here are other skin care products I have tried in the past and may interest you. You can also find me on Instagram here, my insta-stories is where the real party is!


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