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LOVEISDERMA: Foaming Cleanser | Review

I was in the market for a new facial cleanser as the last one I was using was on its last breath so I was beyond thrilled to get my hands on this Foaming Cleanser by Loveisderma. You guys know how invested I am in skincare and something that I especially appreciate is finding new brands that make hi-tech skincare products. Loveisderma- A Taiwan based brand engaged in aesthetic medicine,  skin care products and pharmaceutical care.

LOVEISDERMA_Amino Acid Whitening Cleansing Mousse Foaming Cleanser_Review_ Ingredient Analysis

LOVEISDERMA| Foaming Cleanser

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OMG! Triclosan

Couple of months back the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) ruling about prohibition of the sale of “consumer antiseptic washes” containing Triclosan or 18 other ingredients marketed as antimicrobial was rocking the beauty and personal care product world. Looking further into Triclosan I found that it is yet another notorious ingredient that we all need to watch out for. Read ahead for what I dug up. Continue reading