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Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | Review

Flaky & Chapped lips are the bane of my existence! Most folks have a seasonal problem of dry lips, and how envy them. I am not sure what I am doing wrong in life to have cracked lips through out the year. To improve upon this miserable situation I often try various Lip Products with renewed hope with each new purchase. I have been leaning towards natural products so this Choco Mint Lip Scrub by Juicy Chemistry caught my fancy.

Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Scrub Review with ingredient break down

Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub


325 INR for 10 grams

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Product Details:

  • Our no-nasty promise: All our products are 100% natural and chemical-free. We will never stick parabens, preservatives, petroleum products, artificial perfumes, alcohol, etc in them.
  • We never test our products on animals.
  • Be kind to the Earth – please recycle our jars.
  • A patch-test is recommended.
Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Scrub Review ingredient break down_manufacturing details & price (6)

Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | Price, Manufacturing Date & Ingredients


Persea armeniaca (Avocado Oil), Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin-E), Prunus dulcis (Sweet Almond Oil), Beeswax, Butyrospermun parkii (Shea Butter), Organic White Sugar, Mentha spicata (Spearmint Essential Oil), Cocoa Powder

Avocado Oil

Extracted from the avocado kernel (Persea armeniaca) it is full of essential fatty acids. The oil is absorbed easily into the skin and it is a great anti-ageing agent, making it effective against age spots. It also protects the skin from UV rays and prevents the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Natural Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which is absorbed easily into the skin. This vitamin is essential for healthy skin, and hair as it is needed for cell protection and maintenance. As a fat-soluble vitamin, it easily lends itself to cosmetic application.

Sweet Almond Oil

Almond oil (Prunus dulcis) is one of the most versatile carrier oils. It is light textured, and penetrates the skin easily. It is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B6 and E, our sweet almond oil is extracted from the dried kernels of the almond tree in the traditional cold pressed method. We extensively use it in our skin & hair care products, for its ability to deeply nourish the skin and condition dry, damaged hair.


Beeswax (Cera alba) is the waxy substance that forms the structure of the honeycomb. It has great therapeutic properties and is effective for healing bruises, and inflammation. It is extremely beneficial to dry skin as it creates a waterproof barrier on the skin, hence locking in the moisture

Shea Butter

Shea butter (Butyrospermun parkii) contains oleic acid which is a saturated fatty acid. It mimics the sebum which is naturally produced by our skin. Shea butter is easily absorbed into the skin and it intensely moisturises and provides relief for dry skin.

Organic White Sugar

We add this to our products to act as an exfoliant.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint Oil (Mentha piperita) is extracted from the leaves of peppermint. It has a lovely cooling effect when applied to the skin as well as a sharp, uplifting aroma. It is an effective anti-fungal agent and also has astringent properties.

Cocoa Powder

Another derivative from the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao), cocoa powder is used in skin care products due to its powerful antioxidant properties. It also helps to heal damaged skin and soothes acne and other skin ailments.

Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Scrub Review ingredient break down_Packaging (4)

Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | Packaging

Must appreciate Juicy Chemistry for how carefully they ship products! The super tiny tub of product came packed very carefully in aluminium foil which was further bubble wrapped and enclosed in a cardboard carton. I understand that they want folks to receive stuff intact but so much packaging is unnecessary and not eco-friendly!

As soon as I opened the package the whole room started smelling of mint! The smell was extremely strong due to which I am driven to believe that they manufacture things in small batches and pack it fresh. The actual product comes in a clear plastic tub which is sealed with yet another foil below the screw on cap. Nothing remarkable here and the fact that I need to dip my fingers within doesn’t please me, but then considering it is a natural formula with a low shelf life I am aiming to finish it quickly.

The product is thick and waxy in consistency. Due to this reason I tend to scoop out much more than is actually needed. Once you start applying it over the lips the wax (assuming it is the bee’s wax) melts and changes into a oily consistency. The sugar granules in the product help scrub off the flaky dead skin while the oily base helps keep them moving easily.

Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Scrub Review ingredient break down_colour & consistency (2)

Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | Right out of the tub

Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Scrub Review ingredient break down_colour & consistency (3)

Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | After spreading the product it melts & spreads

The first time I used it I made the mistake of not being careful to restrict it on just the skin of the lips. The area around the lips also got totally oily and it was extremely difficult to clean with my usual set of gentle cleansers. After this experience I understood that perhaps I should do this mindfully while restricting the product spread just over the lips and preferably before bathing so that in case the oil spreads over the surrounding skin it can be easily washed off. Due the mint content the skin feels tingly and cool afterwards.

Despite being careful this is not easy, because the scrubbing action melts the product and it is bound to spread. Often I want to scrub my lips to prep them before wearing a liquid matte lipstick but since removing the oily residue from around the mouth is so difficult and time consuming that this is not always practical.

Over all the scrub does a OK job of removing dead flaky skin but it doesn’t help me in long term improvement of the texture of my lips. Considering that it only works as a temporary fix I am still unable to use it often due to the extreme oily-ness!


  • Organic & Natural
  • Freshly Packed
  • Free of parabens, preservatives, petroleum products, artificial perfumes, alcohol.


  • Not easily available offline
  • Extremely expensive for the amount of product
  • Very oily & difficult to wash off from the skin.
  • Contains Bees Wax which will not work for folks looking for vegan & cruelty free products.
Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Scrub Review ingredient break down_final thoughts(7)

Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | Final Thoughts

Closing Thoughts:

This review would not be complete without addressing the the very skewed price to quantity ratio of this product. We are paying a ridiculous amount of money for a mix of ingredients that are very cheap and easily available. I understand that procuring the Organic variety will be expensive but it still does not justify the small amount of product one is getting here.

Juicy Chemistry Choco Mint Lip Scrub Review ingredient break down_price to quantity ratio(5)

Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | Price to Quantity Ratio

Considering the fact that despite paying so much money it still does an average job goes to say that sometimes we should just rely on DIY-ing small batches of stuff in our own kitchen. I will definitely not be repurchasing this. 

Check out some of the other offerings from Juicy Chemistry I have tried here & here. Have you folks tried this product? What are the other organic products that you are enjoying, let me know in the comments.





4 thoughts on “Juicy Chemistry: Choco Mint Lip Scrub | Review

  1. Valisa says:

    U read my mind.. Finally someone is speaking truth about their pricing.. TBH they are too much expensive. Honest review. Thank you.

    • Hey Valisa,
      Thanks for stopping by!
      I am glad that you agree.. this product was definitely a disappointing purchase….
      it is till date sitting on my bathroom shelf almost full and causing me grief everyday making me think of the money I wasted!

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